La Fuska

The earth colony is at the brink of extinction and the only ones capable of protecting it are the LA FUSKA warriors…

3,444 Babu Fuska

More than just an aesthetics and uniquely looking collectibles, LaFuska which literally means No Face is aiming to be one of the talked about PvP and PvE game out there in the solana ecosystem. LaFuska warriors are just one of the La Fuska project in-game assets, and also the main playable characters. Each La Fuska warrior NFT are uniquely created, generated with multiple compostions from hand-drawn assets with several traits ranging from secret to unknown to mysterious.


It’s been decades after the revolt organized by the Dattawa against the so called Bako, this was after centuries of being colonised, ruled and forced to live in unfavorable conditions by the most feared Babban bako. During this revolt lives of some of the most promising Dattawa were lost but they managed to succeed and drove the Bako back to where they came from. The entire earth is now one colony sub divided into 7 sections each having its own people with their tribe, traditions and way of life. Now a news has come that the Bako has re-enforce and are planning on coming back with the intention of carrying out a genocide, the dattawa cannot let this happen so a message was sent across all sections in the colony to produce warriors of great potentials who are going to be the new protectors of the earth colony. The plan of the bako’s was to make a surprise attack little did they know that information has gotten to the Dattawa of the earth colony and there are ready. Now the journey begin…

Our Beliefs

Creating a community of togetherness, unity regardless of our differences


Create a gaming community of togetherness, unity, and education that attracts people from various parts of the world regardless of backgrounds and beliefs into La fuska a Solana based NFT game.

Create a challenging, rewarding and secure space for anyone that is into or interested in crypto via a play-to-earn platform

Weapons of Destruction

What is it gonna be? the skills and power of the Elders or the technology
of the Invaders

The Team

Babu Fuska is made up of a team from various designs, development,
marketing, finance etc.

Road Map

This is the initial roadmap which is subject to change depending on various factors
that are yet to be determined, so subscribe to stay up to date with our progress.

NFT Sneak-peak

This is just a snapshot of the qualities, stats, appearance of the main NFT characters
in the game to give you an idea of what to expect.


Here you can find answers to some of the most asked

La Fuska is your one time entry into the LaFuskaVerse, an NFT game to be built on the solana blockchain.

An initial total of 3,444 but this is ubject to change based on the demand.

TBA – But would be affordable to all.

Currently both whitelist and public would be able to mint a total of 10x per wallet, this is also subject to change.

TBA – But we are looking at around mid-late april